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Maersk Line uploads its container fleet details to BoxTech database

Maersk Line uploads its container fleet details to BoxTech database

Global container shipping company Maersk Line has uploaded the technical details of its entire container fleet to BoxTech, the database provided by the Bureau International des Containers (BIC). Following the upload, the BoxTech database now holds details of more than 7.5 million shipping containers—or about 30% of the global container fleet.

Launched in July 2016, the non-profit BoxTech Technical Characteristics Database has helped hundreds of shippers, forwarders, terminals and other parties to digitalize more of their operations. With more than 1,000 total users, the database is used to obtain container weights and sizes and will soon offer more functionality such as status and recovery alerts.

The easily integrated and automated system enables a seamless flow of container information between different parties throughout the supply chain, increasing efficiency and reducing manual tasks. Maersk Line is one of the latest companies to benefit after the upload of its entire worldwide container fleet.

“We strive to simplify and create transparency across our customers’ entire supply chains,” said Ingrid Uppelschoten-Snelderwaard, head of equipment at Maersk Line. “This digital platform provides our customers ease in complying with industry regulation. In turn, access to precise data on the weight of the loaded container will support our drive towards increased fleet safety.”

Douglas Owen, secretary general of the BIC, said, “We’re delighted that Maersk Line has uploaded their fleet in support of BoxTech, and we are confident that their customers and trading partners will be equally pleased. The enhanced visibility and automated data access improves safety and security, and also means efficiency gains and cost savings right through the supply chain.”

Signing up for BoxTech is simple, and the initial file of container fleet technical details is uploaded easily using a CSV template. Subsequent data uploads can then be automated via APIs, saving time and increasing digitalization. APIs can also be put in place for conducting database queries, allowing seamless integration of container details directly into systems.  The database is continually evolving to best meet data needs of the shipping industry.

To sign up for the BoxTech Technical Characteristics Database, or to learn more, go to

For more details about the BIC, visit

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