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NACFE celebrates 10 years of assisting freight efficiency

The North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) is celebrating its 10th anniversary of providing unbiased information to help North America’s trucking fleets double their freight efficiency.

NACFE is celebrating its 10th anniversary of providing unbiased information to help the nation’s trucking fleet double its freight efficiency. The inaugural meeting of NACFE was hosted by Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) in Chicago on November 3, 2009. About 75 attendees representing a variety of industry, government and nongovernmental organizations determined that an unbiased, comprehensive council would help the trucking industry navigate the large number of energy efficiency technologies and practices in the market.

“Ten years ago, the people who saw the need for NACFE, probably were not aware of the widespread impact the organization would have on the trucking industry. NACFE has brought awareness to the more than 85 technologies that help improve fuel efficiency and have allowed fleets to have confidence in the investments they make in these technologies,” said Rob Reich, Senior Vice President, Equipment, Maintenance & Driver Development, Schneider and current NACFE Board Chair.

Here’s a look at some of the key milestones NACFE has achieved in the past 10 years:

•Conducted seven Annual Fleet Fuel Studies. These deep-dive investigations focus on the adoption of various products and practices for improving freight efficiency in 20 major North American fleets.

•Created the Trucking Efficiency Program in partnership with the Carbon War Room, a nonprofit founded by Sir Richard Branson and others that merged with and now operates as part of RMI.

•Published 16 Confidence Reports on subjects ranging from trailer aerodynamics and 6x2 axles to electronically controlled transmissions and solar panels.

•Issued two Guidance Reports on future technologies, with three more in the works.

•Conducted more than 30 workshops in which fleets, dealers, truck makers, industry suppliers, government agencies and associations met about a range of efficiency-related topics. All told, NACFE has led discussions at more than 250 events over the years.

•Completed Run on Less, a cross-country road show in which seven trucks achieved 10.1 mpg over the course of three weeks delivering real freight on real routes across the United States.

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