Online course outlines rules for shipping dry ice

Lion Technology now offers a “Shipping Dry Ice” online course to teach industry professionals how to comply with government shipping rules and meet federal training mandates for employees who prepare dry ice for transport. This online course is available 24/7 at and covers the shipping rules for road, rail, and air.

Dry ice is commonly used by the medical, pharmaceutical, and food industries to keep perishable goods frozen during shipment. The substance poses a variety of health and safety threats, including explosion and suffocation. With enforcement on the rise, thorough knowledge of the regulations is essential to avoid penalties for non-compliance that can be as high as $100,000 per day, per incident.

If transported by ground, dry ice must be shipped in compliance with the US Department of Transportation (DOT) Hazardous Materials Regulations, while air shipments must be in compliance with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations.

Lion Technology’s course covers both the DOT and IATA regulatory mandates. Cost of this online course is $69.

Visit or call 888-546-6511 for registration information.

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