Online orientation improves driver experience at Marten

Online orientation improves driver experience at Marten

When Tim Norlin, senior director of driver development for Mondovi WI-based Marten Transport, made the decision to transition from traditional orientation to online orientation, he underestimated the impact it would have on the driver experience.

“I was confident online orientation would streamline our processes and provide cost savings,” said Norlin. “But the impact it’s had on our drivers, the retention of the material, and the ability to cover more material in a shorter length of time has proven to significantly impact the driver experience for our new hires.”

Carriers agree that drivers are their number one asset, and research shows that drivers decide within 72 hours if they’re going to stay with a carrier. If this is true, it begs the question: How can fleets improve the driver experience?

For carriers like Marten that are committed to delivering a great driver experience, online orientation has become a core component of winning drivers over from the start.

“Online orientation provides a self-paced training environment that drivers welcome,” said Norlin. “It gives them an opportunity to spend more quality time with our team outside of the classroom before they get in a truck.”

Marten chose Conversion Orientation from ConversionU as the company’s online orientation provider, and the choice has paid off significantly.

“We are saving thousands in reduced costs compared to traditional orientation, and we’re adding a new element of protection in litigation,” said Norlin. “If we end up in any sort of accident litigation, we know plaintiff’s attorneys are always going to ask for training records. With Conversion Orientation, all of our training is in one system, time-stamped and easily accessible.”

A trucking company that uses traditional orientation methods will have to wait three-and-a-half to five days before their drivers are out on the road. Online orientation can save up to two-and-a-half days in orientation for most fleets.

During traditional orientation, drivers typically start orientation on Mondays. With online orientation, drivers can start any day, allowing carriers to graduate more drivers per week.  Carriers that have implemented online orientation from ConversionU are also enjoying improved asset utilization and better driver retention.

Carriers can choose to have drivers come in and complete orientation on-site at their terminal locations, or drivers complete the online orientation at home or over-the-road.

“The program is flexible, scalable, and drivers love it,” said Norlin.

With Conversion Orientation, orientation classes and testing are completed online via a Learning Management System powered by EBE Technologies. Carriers can select from standard driver orientation courses produced and developed by Conversion Orientation, or like Marten, all courses can be customized and produced for individual carriers.

ConversionU, a division of Conversion Interactive Agency, provides training and development for carriers of all sizes, including recruiter, management and executive coaching.

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