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Performance Team furthers Proudly Green program

Performance Team furthers Proudly Green program

From cutting its electric consumption in half with T-5 fluorescent fixtures, to incorporating intermodal trains, third-party logistics (3PL) company Performance Team (PT) has integrated its Proudly Green program on the road, at ports, loading docks, and warehouses as well as in its headquarters and offices.

Most recently, PT improved aerodynamics and road safety by installing EPA SmartWay-certified hybrid trailer skirts on its trucks. The 22-foot trailer skirts help achieve the best aero performance with EPA/CARB advanced trailer aerodynamics. Tested at the ARC wind tunnel against angled skirts, the SmartWay skirts prevent air from entering the underside of a trailer. This is an improvement over the angled or curved panel, which allows wind under the trailer and interferes with reefer tanks, plows snow, and deflects dangerous debris into oncoming traffic.

In port operations, PT operates more than 60 clean-diesel tractors and uses clean equipment in dedicated retail fleet operations. Andy Miller, president of PT’s retail supply chain, said, “We can commit to customers that 100% of their containers will be picked up with this equipment and be exempt from any Clean Truck Fees (CTF) from the Port of Long Beach and Los Angeles. This equipment will be CTF-exempt through 2015.”

PT is also a leader in transloading ocean containers into intermodal trailers for movement on railroads nationwide.

According to Miller, this practice is key for PT’s green efforts. “Every ton of freight that moves one mile by rail instead of by truck reduces greenhouse gas emissions by two-thirds or more,” he said. “Just one intermodal train can take more than 280 trucks off of our nation’s long-distance highways and reduce fuel consumption by millions of gallons a year. It makes sense to continue to build this program so we can continue to dramatically decrease the number of trucks on the roads.”

PT partnered with Southern California Edison and other local power companies throughout the nation to change more than 1,000 lights from metal halide to energy-saving T-5 fluorescent fixtures. In the first year, the change reduced electric consumption by nearly 50% at all locations.

The firm is also a member of the Coalition for Responsible Transportation (CRT) and supports not-for-profit Cascade Sierra Solutions in its efforts to save fuel and reduce emissions from heavy-duty diesel engines.

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