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Port Everglades FIT terminal

Port Everglades adding new FIT operation

Florida International Terminal LLC (FIT) is opening a new containerized cargo terminal at Broward County’s Port Everglades. The 8-hectares terminal will have double the number of entry gates, new scales, heavy equipment and increased stacking capacity.

Already one of the largest cargo terminal operators at Port Everglades, FIT is relocating to make way for the largest capital improvement project in the port’s history.

Improvements at the new terminal include:

•Six lanes entering the terminal with scales and two outbound lanes

•An appointment system will be implemented with a VIP lane for refrigerated cargo

•New yard tractor fleet and upgraded container handling equipment

•Resilient information technology systems with quick disaster recovery abilities

•Addition of up to 350 new power plugs for refrigerated containers

In the next five years, Port Everglades is investing nearly $1 billion in infrastructure improvements to increase cargo volumes. Expansion projects include adding new cargo berths, installing new Super Post-Panamax container gantry cranes, boosting lift capacity on existing cranes, and deepening and widening the port’s navigation channels.

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