PRIDE Transport switches 220 tractors to DriverTech

Salt Lake City UT-based PRIDE Transport Inc is equipping 220 of its tractors with DriverTech systems. The change in providers is aimed at enabling the fleet to take advantage of the range of application choices available with the tri-mode (satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi) DriverTech DT4000 TruckPC onboard computing system.

“DriverTech’s technology was the key to our decision to make this change,” said Dan DeGrazio, chief information officer at PRIDE. “Mobile communications systems are a cost of doing business today, and with the TruckPC we are getting a lot more capability for the same expense. These onboard computers give us room to grow beyond two-way messaging.”

A family-owned-and-operated refrigerated carrier, PRIDE provides service coast to coast. Among the first applications it plans to incorporate in its new DriverTech systems is turn-by-turn navigation on a load–by-load basis. Next on the list are several driver workflow items, such as load assignment and proof-of delivery capabilities through an interface with its enterprise management system. On-board document imaging using DriverTech’s DTScan In-cab Scanning system is also under consideration.

Before committing to switching a large part of its fleet to the DT4000 TruckPC, PRIDE tested five units with favorable results. “Our drivers learned to use the system very quickly and easily,” DeGrazio said. “We were very impressed with the support and training we received from DriverTech, and with the reliability and durability of the onboard units. The DT4000 TruckPCs will prove to be a very wise investment.”

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