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Railex USA saves 50 million gallons of fuel

Railex USA saves 50 million gallons of fuel

Railex USA, a refrigerated distribution and logistics platform, announced that it has saved more than 50 million gallons of fuel with its rail transport system. The firm is also on track to reach CO2 (carbon dioxide) reductions of one million tons by December 2012. These milestones highlight how railroads serve as a fuel-efficient form of ground transport and how Railex has impacted distribution and logistics.

Since its inception in 2006, Railex has made almost 800 train trips, shipping products ranging from produce to seafood to alcohol across the United States via five-day temperature-controlled rail. With each of these coast-to-coast trips, the company does its part for the environment by helping to lower fuel consumption, moderate greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce pollution. On average, its rail delivery systems save more than 200,000 gallons of fuel per week and result in three times fewer emissions than from long-haul truck delivery. Each Railex unit train also takes 200 trucks off the road.

To date, Railex has:

•Reduced carbon output by 985,132 metric tons compared with over-the-road trucks

•Saved 316,804,122 long-haul freight miles

•Transported 113,234 truckloads

As an approved US Environmental Protection Agency SmartWay Transport Partner, Railex is committed to continuing to provide green power and helping supply chains reduce their carbon footprint. The firm looks forward to increasing its environmental impact in 2013.

Railex uses a hybrid of short-haul trucks, consolidated/deconsolidated centers, and expedited rail systems. It offers a five-day, coast-to-coast rail transit platform, shipping product from California and the state of Washington to New York 52 weeks a year.

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