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RoadOne IntermodaLogistics is created

RTS Holdings LLC has acquired key operating assets of RoadLink Transportation Solutions and its affiliated operating entities. Newly launched as RoadOne IntermodaLogistics, the company will serve the intermodal transportation and related logistics marketplace.

A Boston MA-based company, RoadOne was founded by Boston area industry veterans Ken Kellaway and David McLaughlin with lead financial partner Oskie Capital of New York City. Kellaway is RoadOne’s president and chief executive officer and McLaughlin is chief operating officer. They collectively have 50-plus years of experience in intermodal transportation and logistics as co-founders of Kellaway Intermodal & Distribution Systems, one of the founding companies of RoadLink.

RoadOne will operate in more than 40 locations with 1,000 drayage tractors throughout key intermodal locations across North America. Its services enable a Single Source Solution (S3) for business partners nationwide. Capabilities that boost this S3 platform include expertise in container terminal operations, dedicated fleet operations, warehousing, and transloading services.

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