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Schwan's delivers via propane fuel route

By using cheaper, cleaner-burning propane to fuel its fleet of delivery trucks, Schwan's Home Service has reduced America's consumption of gas/diesel by 31 million gallons a year — the same amount burned by about 77,000 automobiles.

Schwan's Home Service started converting its fleet to propane during the gas crisis in the 1970s. Today, more than 5,000 medium-duty trucks drive millions of miles each year across the contiguous 48 states. While the cost of propane has increased in recent years, it is still about half the cost per gallon as gasoline or diesel.

Schwan's Home Service says it owns and operates the world's largest fleet of propane-powered vehicles. A Schwan subsidiary, Bi-Phase Technologies, manufactures propane conversion systems that allow gasoline engines to burn propane.

A business unit of The Schwan Food Company, Schwan's Home Service markets and distributes approximately 400 frozen foods under the Schwan's brand through home-delivery and mail-order services. Headquartered in Marshall MN, it has nearly 500 local sales and distribution centers across the 48 contiguous United States.

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