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Scout Logistics chooses Load Track platform

Scout Logistics Corporation, one of Canada’s largest non-asset transportation providers, has chosen the automated Load Track platform from Trucker Tools to gain real-time visibility of its domestic, trans-border and international shipments.

Founded in 2011, Toronto-based Scout Logistics specializes in handling time- and temperature-sensitive shipments for customers in the United States and Canada. The company transports more than 500 million pounds of fresh produce and refrigerated goods annually.

“In terms of technology, the Load Track platform from Trucker Tools is the biggest change I’ve seen in the transportation industry in the last 25 years,” said Lorne Swartz, founder and president of Scout Logistics. “We can instantly track hundreds of shipments we have on the road right now.”

Scout Logistics recently converted to Load Track from a different freight tracking service that delivered less frequent location updates using imprecise cell tower triangulation methods.

The Load Track platform is embedded in the free Trucker Tools app to capture real-time shipment locations using the GPS on drivers’ phones. This platform initiates shipment tracking when a driver is dispatched to pick up a load and continues, uninterrupted, to the final delivery.

As of May 1, 2017, all carriers that haul for Scout Logistics that use Load Track are qualified to receive free, 24-hour quick pay on loads. The Load Track feature in the Trucker Tools app includes instant, two-way messaging for Scout Logistics to communicate pick-up, delivery and stop information to drivers and to automate data collection.

To date, the free Trucker Tools app has been downloaded by more than 420,000 owner-operators and small carrier drivers who use various on-demand trip planning features to locate truck stops, fuel locations, truck washes, weigh scales and other resources on their planned routes.

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