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Study: 69% of US carriers use speed limiters

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) has issued some of its preliminary findings on speed limiter usage in the United States. Among the findings: About 69% of US carriers use speed limiters, set at speeds ranging from 60-80 mph (the average speed was 69 mph).

This study was undertaken at the request of the American Trucking Associations as part of the US Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's review of the speed limiter issue.

For carriers not usinge speed limiters, the biggest percentage (40%) said safety considerations were the main reason for not equipping trucks. Another 18.2 percent said owner-operators refused them.

Respondents reported varying speed rates for setting limiters, with the difference based on geographic range, operating truck segments, and vehicle age. Most carriers regard the posted speed limit as the safest speed to travel.

For carriers using speed limiters, larger fleets were more likely to set speeds lower than other firms.

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