Temptime, Numedis collaborate to improve corneal technologies

Temptime Corporation and Numedis Inc have collaborated to combine technologies that will maintain the integrity of human corneas throughout the cold chain, and ultimately aim to improve transplant outcomes for patients.

The Numedis Life4°C product is a biocompatible, advanced corneal preservation system for storing human corneas for keratoplasty for up to 14 days under refrigeration (2°-8° C). The Life4°C medium contains more nutrients and preservation components. It is used in combination with Numedis’ Transend corneal viewing chamber to provide a system for corneas shipped domestically and internationally.

All corneas shipped with the Life4°C system include Temptime’s FREEZEmarker time-temperature monitoring device that triggers when exposed to freezing temperatures. This assures continuous temperature monitoring throughout the cold chain.

FREEZEmarker is a single-use indicator that continuously monitors temperature during shipping and storage, and is available in various freeze response temperatures.

Live human donor corneas must be kept within the 2°-8° C temperature window because exposure to freezing temperatures—even for a short period—destroys the tissue. Corneas packed in boxes with wet ice may be at risk for damage because temperatures at various locations in the box may fluctuate out of the 2°-8° C range. In addition, extreme temperature variations can occur during shipping.

In 2010, more than 42,600 corneal transplants were performed in the United States. More than 90% of all corneal transplant operations successfully restore vision to the recipient.

Visit www.temptimecorp.com or www.numedis.us for complete information.

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