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Pump Solutions Group (PSG), a business unit within Dover Corporation, is introducing a new product platform: Maag Industrial Pumps. This platform combines PSG’s external/internal gear and screw pump technologies under the Maag brand name.

Maag Industrial Pumps will feature a new brand image and pump platform targeting industrial applications in the oil and gas, chemical, and marine markets. PSG’s engineered external/internal gear pumps, together with its screw pump technologies, consolidates the firm’s collective pump and systems expertise and engineering competency under one global gear and screw pump platform. Maag’s Industrial Pumps platform will offer PSG’s customers a wider range of applications and best-in-class critical transfer systems worldwide.

Maag Industrial Pumps will feature these technologies:

•EnviroGear seal-less internal gear pumps •G Series internal gear pumps •S Series screw pumps To learn more about Maag, go For more information on PSG,




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