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TPP Profitability Seminar will provide actionable information for companies

Building on the continued success of the TCA Profitability Program (TPP), the Truckload Carriers Association will be holding its Inaugural TPP Profitability Seminar in Chicago  IL. Set for December 12, 2017, this one-day workshop is open to all managers and senior executives from North American trucking companies.

Sponsoring the event is the Tenney Group.

Attendees will be provided with an actionable framework to optimize profitability during, what is expected to be, a robust trucking environment for the foreseeable future. This framework will focus on three key areas:

•Utilizing incentive-based pay to increase productivity.

•Understanding the variable and fixed expenses in trucking using the Gross Margin Golden Ratio.

•Managing a high-performing driver base. Building upon this, the event will also provide an in-depth look at market trends via inGauge, TCA’s cloud-based business intelligence platform.

As a bonus, the Tenney Group’s Spencer Tenney will present the “Seven Best Practices for Succession Planning.”

“This type of event is long overdue for an industry that is thirsty for information to separate trucking companies from the pack,” said Jack Porter, TPP’s managing director. “This workshop will provide actionable information for companies to take back and immediately leverage within their own operations.”

John Lyboldt, TCA president, proposed this new workshop format, based on feedback from members.

“One of our main value propositions to members is to provide vehicles to improve profitability and efficiency,” he said. “This event will provide an attendee the chance to take a pause from their daily whirlwind, share best practices and develop relationships with like-minded industry leaders.”

Prior to the event, attendees will be expected to complete a special group survey to ensure the event’s content is relevant to their roles and operations.

Access for more details.

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