Trailiner Corp enhances security by using Q-Gate

Trailiner Corp enhances security by using Q-Gate

QuikQ, provider of a cardless direct fuel connection between truckstop point-of-sale (POS) and motor carrier enterprise systems, announced that refrigerated carrier Trailiner Corporation is using its Q-Gate technology.

The RFID-based system reduces the risk of a driver picking up the wrong trailer before exiting a facility or having an unauthorized vehicle enter a secure location.

“We’re using QuikQ’s Q-Gate to provide an added level of security,” said Amber Edmondson, president of Trailiner. “By preventing a driver from inadvertently leaving with the wrong trailer or unauthorized access to our facility, the system helps ensure we are providing accurate and timely customer service. It also protects shipments—including high-value loads—which is important to shippers and a factor in their satisfaction with Trailiner.”

A different way to use QuikQ Fuel Purchase System (FPS) technology employed by Trailiner since 2013, Q-Gate detects vehicle-mounted RFID tags and communicates with the carrier’s existing gate system and transportation management software. The gate will open only if a tractor and trailer are correctly matched. Trailiner also uses the RFID tags and Q-Gate to manage access to its facility by employees.

“When we started using QuikQ FPS, we had a gate system that employed active RFID tags, which relied on batteries that were costly to replace,” said Edmondson. “The passive QuikQ RFID tags are significantly less expensive. We’d actually have to replace a QuikQ tag 30 times to match the cost of replacing a battery in an active RFID tag. With Q-Gate we are using familiar, more cost-effective technology from a supplier that has been very helpful. QuikQ, for example, worked with our maintenance department to properly set up Q-Gate and position the RFID tag reader.”

Founded by H E “Spook” Whitener, Edmondson’s grandfather, Trailiner provides 48-state refrigerated service with 200 tractors and 300 trailers. The Springfield MO-based fleet hauls commodities ranging from produce and grocery to pharmaceutical and retail goods.

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