TransAm evaluates Fuel Auditor feature

TransAm evaluates Fuel Auditor feature

Blue Tree Systems Inc announced that its new Fuel Auditor feature has been fully evaluated by TransAm Inc across its 1,400-truck fleet and will be made available as a standard feature to all new and existing customers.

Provider of the R:COM fleet management system, Blue Tree Systems designed the Fuel Auditor to enable fleets to easily and accurately audit fuel being burnt across their fleet. It also lets fleets drill-down to audit fuel usage per truck and driver to investigate any discrepancies.

The Fuel Auditor addresses the main challenge the industry has faced for years: lack of trust fleet operators have in fuel-used data being collected from engine electronic control modules (ECMs). Fuel figures being reported by truck engine ECMs often are not accurate; therefore, assessing a truck or driver’s fuel performance based on this data would be flawed. Equally the lack of accurate fuel usage data makes it difficult for fleet operators to make smart purchasing decisions on which truck make and model will deliver the best performance for their operation.

Blue Tree’s R:COM technology includes advanced algorithms capable of calibrating ECM fuel data quickly and easily to provide accurate fuel usage data. This accurate fuel data is used by R:COM’s Fuel Auditor program to compare the amount of fuel burned by each truck in a fleet with the amount of fuel purchased. Fuel purchased data can be imported from electronic fuel cards, on-site pumps, or typed in manually from receipts. Any discrepancies between fuel burnt and fuel purchased are immediately highlighted in Blue Tree’s reporting system, which includes drill-down capability to determine the exact time window and location of the discrepancy.

Fleet operators have been hesitant to challenge veteran drivers on their driving style unless they have monitoring tools in place they can trust to be accurate and robust enough to counter a driver’s challenge. Blue Tree’s fuel data translates into accurate mpg figures per driver, which lets fleets identify drivers that require additional training.

Fuel Auditor also monitors the truck fuel tank level constantly to detect all fuel fills and extractions with accuracy and can map the location of the fuel level change event.

“Put simply, the Fuel Auditor technology enables fleet operators to verify that all the fuel they purchase is going into their tanks, and staying there until it is burnt by their engines—the perfect audit trail,” said Charlie Cahill, president and chief executive officer of Blue Tree.

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