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TransCore reports highest freight volume since October on spot market

Truckload freight availability increased nationwide for the fourth straight week on the spot market, as indicated by traffic on TransCore’s DAT Network of load boards in the week ending February 5. The steady increase led to the highest load volume since October for a single week, according to TransCore Trendlines, the company’s trucking information website.

TransCore reported an 8.7% jump in truckload posts and an 11.6% decrease in truck capacity in the week ending February 5, compared with the previous week. The weekly load-to-truck ratio jumped from five to six loads per available truck nationwide, a 23% change in this indicator.

Corresponding ratios for dry vans, refrigerated vans, and flatbeds also increased. Dry vans, in particular, saw a 13% increase in freight load availability, coupled with a 14% decline in truck capacity on the spot market, for a 31% increase in the load-to-truck ratio in that segment.

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