Tribe Transportation attains double-digit annual growth

Tribe Transportation attains double-digit annual growth

Tribe Transportation, one of the nation’s fastest-growing minority-owned trucking carriers, has increased the fuel efficiency of its fleet by more than 33%, achieved a 40% driver turnover rate, and recorded double-digit annual growth in its freight business since 2010.
Rapid adoption of cutting-edge technologies and a company culture focused on rewarding employees are at the core of Tribe’s business model. They have enabled the company to grow from just five trucks and 10 trailers in 2010 to more than 200 trucks and 300 trailers in 2014.
Tribe’s technology investments have improved its average mile per gallon performance from 6 miles per gallon to 8 miles per gallon. It operates Kenworth T680 trucks and Great Dane aero-trailers equipped with side skirts and ATDynamics TrailerTails with 35-mph AutoDeploy technology.
Other fleet technology investments include GPS satellite tracking, radar collision avoidance, electronic stability control on company trucks, remote temperature control, door sensors, split shoots, satellite tracking with geo-fencing capabilities, and real-time load monitoring for trailers.
“Our company motto at Tribe is that the best team wins,” said Carla Joy Cain, president of Tribe Transportation. “Besides compensating our drivers above the industry standard for pay, bonuses, and employee benefits, we provide them with the most technologically advanced equipment in the industry, Fortune 100 customers to serve and an expansive geographical network to increase their miles driven and take home pay.  We are fortunate that our drivers are the strongest recruiting tool we have, and of the 40% driver turnover we experience, 93% come back to us.”
“We take the issue of environmental responsibility seriously, and many of our technology investments have enabled us to proactively ‘do something’ about reducing our environmental impact,” said Matt Handte, executive vice -president at Tribe. “Our recent investment in TrailerTail technology has decreased our fuel consumption, costs, and emissions; increased driver retention and pay; and provided an opportunity to further strengthen our brand and visibility in the industry. TrailerTails have increased our fleet fuel efficiency by 3- to 4-tenths mile per gallon, and the AutoDeploy system ensures a seamless experience for our drivers.”
Tribe serves food manufacturers such as General Mills, Unilever, Land O’ Lakes, PepsiCo, H J Heinz, and Wrigley-Mars and delivers products to retailers including Wal-Mart and Costco.
Founded in 2005 as a native American woman-owned business, Tribe specializes in deep-frozen and temperature-controlled transportation with single and expedited services.  As a SmartWay Transport partner and because of its cultural heritage, it has a strong commitment to improving the quality of life through economic, social, and environmental sustainability. For more information, access
Go to to learn more about ATDynamics.

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