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Tropical fruit exporters pick Purfresh Transport

Tropical fruit exporters pick Purfresh Transport

Purfresh announced the successful arrival of papayas, plantains, pineapples, and mangos shipped using Purfresh Transport from Central America to the Netherlands, United States, Germany, and Spain.

In shipments traveling from Ecuador, Columbia, and Peru, several shippers, including Terrasol Societe, Selecta Fruit, Sunshine Export SAC, and Banacol, observed improvements in fruit firmness, color, and taste, as well as reduced ripening with Purfresh Transport. The success of these shipments demonstrates how Purfresh Transport maintains quality and improves shelf life of tropical fruit shipped around the world.

Purfresh Transport promotes higher-quality arrivals. Scientifically engineered, it delivers where traditional atmosphere management systems and antimicrobials fall short by providing the combination of ripening control with 100% residue-free decay prevention and enhanced food safety. An ozone-based, active cargo protection system, Purfresh Transport constantly monitors the environment inside the reefer container throughout the voyage—providing the ability to ship even highly sensitive fruits and vegetables long distances.

Offered as a per-trip service from most major shipping lines, Purfresh Transport is a solution for shipping climacteric and non-climacteric—organic and conventional—produce including citrus, berries, stone fruit, tropical fruit, melons, and rhizomes. The system is optionally integrated with Intellipur, a next-generation informatics service that offers insight into the transportation segment of the food supply chain. Intellipur provides on-trip tracking, monitoring, alerting, and reporting enabling insight into, and control over, the conditions of produce being shipped in refrigerated marine containers.

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