Uruguayan produce exporters commit to Purfresh Transport

Uruguayan produce exporters commit to Purfresh Transport

Transcargo is using Purfresh Transport for its second season of decay-free arrivals of mandarins shipped from Uruguay to the Far East. Purfresh Transport is an intelligent cargo protection system providing shippers with a cost-effective way to reduce decay, control ripening, and enhance food safety of fresh produce exported from Uruguay via ocean transit.

“We chose Purfresh Transport again this season to help mitigate risk and to provide additional protection to maintain the quality of premium mandarins,” said Rodolfo Faccini Pose of Transcargo. “Controlling decay and maintaining color is critical as mandarins are highly susceptible to decay, as well as color change as a result of ethylene build-up during long-distance ocean transit. We are thrilled with the high quality of arrivals, and will continue to leverage Purfresh Transport for this season’s blueberry shipments as well.”

Engineered with patent-pending intelligent cargo protection technology, Purfresh Transport reduces the risk of cargo loss, improves food safety, and helps ensure higher-quality arrivals when shipping fresh produce via ocean transit. Unlike other approaches—such as temperature recorders, traditional controlled-atmosphere (CA) systems, and fungicides—Purfresh Transport provides full trip transparency along with active atmosphere enhancement to safely prevent decay, control ripening, and reduce foodborne pathogens.

Purfresh Transport is offered as a per-trip service from most major shipping lines and is optionally integrated with Intellipur—an informatics service that offers insight into the transportation segment of the food supply chain. Intellipur provides on-trip tracking, monitoring, alerting, and reporting, enabling insight into, and control over, the conditions of produce shipped in refrigerated marine containers.

Visit www.purfresh.com or www.intellipur.com for more information.

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