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Volvo on board with America’s Road Team

Volvo Trucks has announced its ongoing support for America’s Road Team. This team uses drivers with proven safety records to spread awareness about highway safety and foster understanding about the crucial role trucking plays in the economy. Volvo Trucks has sponsored the program for more than a decade.

Members of the America’s Road Team, called captains, speak to lawmakers, government officials, students, regulators and other drivers to increase awareness about the essential nature of America’s trucking industry and the importance of highway safety. The captains have logged millions of miles behind the wheel without an accident and are chosen only after a rigorous selection process.

As part of its committment to the America’s Road Team program, Volvo supplied the captains with a VNL 780 tractor, which they use to transport the ATA Image Trailer, a mobile experience trailer used during Road Team presentations.

The Road Team truck offers a fuel-saving Volvo I-Shift automated manual transmission and these safety technologies:

•Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology (VEST) by Bendix, a full electronic stability program that assists drivers in maintaining control during emergency maneuvers

•Volvo Enhanced Cruise (VEC), integrating advanced collision avoidance technology with the truck’s cruise control.

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