ARCO Design/Build completes Hutt freezer expansion

ARCO Design/Build–Build to Suit, a leading cold storage warehouse/distribution center design and construction firm, has announced the completion of the Hutt Logistics and Hutt Trucking freezer expansion in Hudsonville MI.

With the addition of this space, Hutt has more than doubled its total deep-frozen storage capacity. The additional 81,000 square-foot freezer and cold dock allows for more than 19,000 pallets at Hutt’s facility and is expected to create 30 full-time jobs throughout the warehousing and trucking divisions of the company.

“Our customers are growing, and we anticipated the need to expand in Hudsonville since acquiring the facility in 2016,” said Jim Hutt, CEO of Hutt. “With our Holland-based transportation operations, Hudsonville has been a great hub for Hutt’s logistics operations. The decision to increase our deep-frozen warehousing capabilities in Hudsonville was the logical next step in our growth.”

As with any project, there were challenges to overcome, but the most critical was delivering the facility by early October. ARCO achieved that goal and product was entering the new freezer shortly after six months from breaking ground.

Josh Cronan, an ARCO project manager, said, “From the beginning, we knew that the desired schedule was very aggressive. A huge contributing factor that led to the success of this project was the likemindedness and shared culture of all parties involved. Working with Hutt, the City of Hudsonville and the West Michigan community was truly a pleasure and a very rewarding experience.”

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Go to or call 800-841-9431 for more information about Hutt Logistics and Hutt Trucking.

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