Azanefreezer use supplies ammonia charge reduction

Azanefreezer use supplies ammonia charge reduction

A leading wholesale frozen food company has upgraded its existing refrigeration plant with the installation of a low-charge, air-cooled Azanefreezer from Azane Inc, a Star Refrigeration company. The company supplies the foodservice industry with a range of fresh, frozen, and grocery products.
The previous refrigeration system was in poor condition and expensive to operate—both in terms of energy cost and maintenance cost. Using a traditional pump circulation design, the system required a significant ammonia charge, which the client wished to reduce. A solution focusing on ammonia charge reduction was required for improved safety, long-term functionality, and value for money.
The answer was to install an AF70 Azanefreezer plant as a replacement for the 40-year-old equipment.
The high-performance Azanefreezer provides a range of eco-friendly benefits, including a low ammonia charge. Topping the list of benefits is the Azanefreezer’s capacity to reduce the freezer system ammonia charge from an estimated 5,000 pounds to just 360.
Derek Hamilton, US business development manager, said, “This drastic reduction in charge, in addition to the zero global warming potential and the use of a non-ozone depleting substance, is the future of refrigeration.
“As a natural refrigerant system, our client has invested in a long-term solution that will be exempt from any future environmental legislation laws,” he said. “With a 25-plus-year life cycle and excellent seasonal efficiency, the system is a cost-effective choice that will ensure our client remains competitive for decades to come.”
Modular, air-cooled, and inherently energy-efficient, the new system will help reduce running costs and combat greenhouse gas emissions.
This system is both reliable and durable, and its modular design also allows for the easy and inexpensive relocation of plant if necessary.
Integrated into the system is an exclusive reverse-cycle defrost function that defrosts more efficiently that traditional hot gas or the alternative of installing electric heaters in the cooler.
The air-cooled Azanefreezer is available in a range of capacities from 25 to 100 TR (tons of refrigeration). All feature high efficiency EC condenser fan technology and fully integrated PLC control to ensure maximum efficiency at all times.
All Azane products are made in the United States. To learn more, access

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