BioStorage Technologies expands with sample relocation services

BioStorage Technologies, provider of scientific asset management, cold chain logistics, and biomaterial storage for the bioscience industry, has expanded its service offerings to include a suite of global sample relocation services. Addition of these services enhances the company’s global logistics capabilities and allows clients to customize transportation of entire sample inventories and associated equipment.

At the center of BioStorage Technologies’ relocation services is ReloFleet: the first mobile unit created specifically for sample relocation. The custom-made, 53-foot trailer accommodates storage temperatures from ambient to –20° C and is capable of transporting a multitude of biomaterial samples including plasma, blood and tissue samples, as well as active, pharmaceutical ingredients and manufactured drug products. Equipped with redundant generator systems, the unit also allows BioStorage Technologies to transport freezers, including liquid nitrogen and refrigerators—intact and running.

“Sample logistics and transportation deficiencies are widely recognized as a primary cause of compromised biological samples, which renders them ineffective for testing and research,” said Lori A Ball, chief operating officer, BioStorage Technologies. “By offering a comprehensive suite of relocation services, including superior cold chain transportation options, our clients can be assured that their scientific sample assets and equipment will reach its destination on time and in optimal condition.”

BioStorage Technologies’ team of global logistics experts has international experience and can provide full-scale support through every phase of the transportation process, including point-to-point tracking, re-icing, and real-time issue resolution. Additionally, the ReloFleet service provides sample tracking along the transportation process with a complete audit trail of sample movement from site to site.

The firm is also one of only a few biorepositories designated as a Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF) by the US Transportation Security Administration. This certification allows BioStorage Technologies to pre-screen shipments at its facility, thereby avoiding screening delays at the airport, which could lead to sample degradation.

BioStorage Technologies’ processes, systems, and technology platforms are validated to adhere to US Food and Drug Administration regulations, as well as US Department of Transportation and International Air Transport Association guidelines.

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