BRR Logistics implements Robocom R-Voice system

Robocom Systems International announced that third-party logistics provider BRR Logistics Inc has successfully implemented voice picking using Robocom’s R-Voice system. BRR is using R-Voice in its deep-frozen products warehouse in North York, Ontario, Canada for ice cream distribution.

Sandy Norval, vice-president–sales and operations of BRR, said, “BRR operates an in-house-developed WMS, and it was essential that we implemented a voice solution that would not force us to displace our current system. Robocom demonstrated their ability to interface with a non-Robocom WMS, as well the robustness of R-Voice to operate in a harsh environment. Having our warehouse personnel being able to operate ‘hands-free and heads-up’ in the freezer is a huge win for us in terms of both productivity and safety.

“Following the successful implementation of voice-picking, we are really looking forward to implementing Robocom’s labor management solution, R-Labor,” said Norval. “We are confident that we will realize additional productivity gains.”

R-Voice is an interactive picking module designed for high accuracy and productivity in case and broken-case picking. The module includes processes for identifying and correcting errors and problems, tracking outbound pallet contents, and confirming locations and pallets are empty while picking. Configurable options include the ability to scan case or item bar codes to confirm serial numbers, items, and item attributes in applications where case serial tracking, lot tracking, and/or variable weight are required.

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