BT9 extends operations in United States

BT9 has expanded its international cold chain monitoring business with the opening of a new office in Los Angeles CA.
North American companies currently face increasing regulatory pressures to improve traceability in the cold supply chain to assure quality and safety of perishable goods. Israel-based BT9, the creator of the Xsense cold chain management system, helps companies minimize or eliminate risks in the cold supply chain and provides full transparency and control over perishables, anywhere in the world, at any given time.
Xsense provides the ability to monitor temperature and other freshness indicators from field to consumer consumption point. This technology can accurately track dwell times, along with temperature and relative humidity, from produce post-harvest points to point of last supply chain destination.
The automated analytics generated by the Xsense system, in tandem with BT9’s research and consulting services, provides customers the tools they need to identify chronic cold chain problems. The system offers guidance on possible corrective actions to reduce waste; improve quality, overall performance, and profitability; and deliver food and pharmaceuticals in optimal condition.
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