Cat pneumatic tire lift truck provides more fuel efficiency, reduced emissions

Cat Lift Trucks has introduced the new 15,500-lb-capacity diesel pneumatic tire lift truck. This heavy-duty diesel lift truck provides an 18% increase in fuel efficiency and productivity over previous generations, in addition to meeting Tier 4 interim regulation standards of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
“The new Cat DP70N pneumatic tire lift truck features the high-performance Perkins 854E engine, delivering the power our customers need to perform in rugged applications,” said Lucas Dumdie, product line manager at Cat Lift Trucks.
Fuel efficiency and Tier 4 interim compliance are key components of the DP70N. The new lift truck model also offers:
•High-performance engine—The DP70N has the Perkins 854E 3.L turbo-charged four-cylinder engine that exceeds EPA Tier 4 interim regulations. The DP70N also includes a fuel saver mode, which limits the acceleration curve of the forklift, lowering fuel consumption by an additional 14% while maintaining overall efficiency and enhancing lift truck performance.
•Maximum uptime—The lift truck is equipped with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) designed to passively burn off soot in the system as needed during normal operation. This benefits the operator by allowing him to work more effectively without stopping for routine maintenance.
•Easier maintenance—With a standard engine protection system, the DP70N notifies operators when there is something wrong with the forklift, including critical engine oil pressure and coolant and transmission temperatures. The system automatically lowers maximum rpms and slows travel and hydraulic speeds when the truck is not performing at acceptable levels. Maintenance is simple and less time-consuming due to the lift truck’s easy access engine cover and 500-hour extended service intervals.
•Superior operator comfort—The DP70N has a three-section hydraulic control valve with fingertip controls, full-suspension seat, and noise and vibration reduction features that help maximize operator comfort. The lift truck also comes standard with a hydrostatic steering system to help minimize operator effort and a raised floor mat for additional traction in the operator compartment.
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