Crown Equipment offers InfoLink 3.0

Crown Equipment offers InfoLink 3.0

Forklift manufacturer Crown Equipment Corporation is offering the Crown InfoLink 3.0 fleet and operator management system with new features designed to improve customer productivity and reduce warehouse costs.

InfoLink 3.0, which builds on the dashboard approach unveiled with InfoLink 2.5, increases visibility into operator productivity as well as fleet energy use and service history. The release of InfoLink 3.0 also permits viewing warehouse management system (WMS) and forklift information via a single vehicle-mounted computer (VMC).

This new system is equipped with six dashboards covering key areas of operator and fleet performance: compliance, impacts, productivity, utilization, energy, and service. Dashboard views deliver a graphical overview of performance based on user-defined settings. The InfoLink interface uses color-coded opportunity indicators that provide managers a look at whether their trucks meet established goals (green), require attention (yellow), or need immediate action (red).

The new productivity dashboard reports metrics such as average lifts per hour, average speed, average travel distances, and operator log-in status. The energy dashboard provides information for both electric and IC forklifts. For example, fleets with electric forklifts gain access to reports showing the number of battery changes, early battery changes, and short charge cycles. The service dashboard reports the impact of truck downtime on operations and provides a direct link to service information. When a user clicks on the recorded truck event code within InfoLink, the system takes him directly to a troubleshooting section for that event in the Crown service and parts manual.

InfoLink 3.0 also introduces a new operator interface for vehicle-mounted computers. This functionality allows operators to easily toggle between an existing WMS and InfoLink on a single device. The Windows-based navigation is easy for operators to understand and reduces costs by eliminating the need for two devices attached to the forklift.

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