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Digital Lumens offers Intelligent Lighting System

Digital Lumens is offering the Intelligent Lighting System, combining LEDs, networking, and software to reduce lighting-related energy use by up to 90% in warehouses and industrial facilities.

Designed to address the particular needs of the rugged industrial environment, the Intelligent Lighting System lowers energy load and creates a platform for effective management of lighting resources. The system consists of:

•Intelligent Light Engines—Intended as one-for-one replacements of 400W HID, HPS, and T5 or T8 fluorescent fixtures, Intelligent Light Engines (ILEs) are white-light LED-based luminaires that provide desired light levels on the target surface, while minimizing kilowatt-hour consumption. Easy to install, each ILE has a built-in Digital Light Agent—an on-board computer—as well as sensors and wireless mesh networking capabilities that share information across the system.

•Smart Light Grid— ILEs form a Smart Light Grid—a lighting network—that enables all fixtures in the system to communicate with each other, respond to a neighboring fixture’s state and/or systemwide programming, and provide usage and occupancy data to the LightRules management system.

•LightRules—This intuitive control and energy management software gives facility managers the tools to effectively manage lighting resources and energy use. They are able to specify system behavior, receive up-to-the-minute kWh consumption details by fixture/zone/day/shift, and control the entire system for maximum energy efficiency. LightRules also provides the ability to address demand response calls and integrate with warehouse management, energy carbon accounting, or other third-party systems.

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