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Hannibal provides reefer warehouse storage systems

Storage system manufacturer and provider Hannibal Industries Inc announces its latest refrigerated warehouse storage systems.

An internationally proven remote-controlled automated storage retrieval system, the Pallet Shuttle by Autosat supplies the refrigerated and cold temperature warehousing industry with enhanced storage capacity and reduced labor costs. The system provides maximum control, precise positioning, and smooth transitioning to increase throughput and reduce product and pallet damage.

Hannibal’s GlideRack mobile racking systems are a great way to increase capacity and maintain 100% selectivity in a cold or refrigerated storage environment. As the exclusive North American distributor for GlideRack mobile racking systems by Moveel, Hannibal offers an innovative, safe, and fast way to increase storage capacity.

TubeRack is available for spring 2012, and this patent-pending racking system is designed for temperature-controlled cold and refrigerated warehouse storage. The system is stronger, safer, and provides a lower overall cost of ownership than most conventional racking systems. Its dual-movement frame allows flexibility both front-to-back and side-to-side, helping it to withstand impacts and seismic events more safely. Its horizontal-bolt-together modular design handles more capacity with less steel in many instances, while reducing stress on the slab. This new modular design also allows for future flexibility and lower freight costs.

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