KeHE Distributors expanding cooler space

KeHE Distributors announced that it will expand non-ambient warehouse space within its US system to keep pace with rapid growth in its fresh and frozen product categories.

In addition to this expansion, KeHE is implementing technology and infrastructure enhancements that will enable ongoing quality improvements in its distribution centers. Distribution centers impacted include Dallas TX, St Augustine FL, Ft Lauderdale FL, and Romeoville IL.

KeHE’s distribution center in Dallas will double the size of its freezer and cooler space. Ft Lauderdale will increase its frozen capacity to four times the current capacity and will double its cooler space. Finally, KeHE’s distribution center in Romeoville will increase its non-ambient space by 30%, which will allow KeHE to expand its bulk food product offering and begin shipping this rapidly growing category of products from the Romeoville warehouse.

Based in Romeoville, KeHE provides natural and organic, gourmet and multicultural, and fresh products to more than 33,000 retail outlets throughout North America.

Visit for more information.

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