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Leum offers Impactable Dock Ramp

Leum offers Impactable Dock Ramp

For expanding loading dock capacity without excavation and construction costs, the Impactable Dock Ramp from Leum Engineering provides a flexible, yet fixed option.

The Impactable Dock Ramp is suitable particularly for adding loading docks to grade-level buildings, as well as seasonal and leased facilities. Designed for trailer impact, the Impactable Dock Ramp facilitates forklift traffic from the ground up into a truck bed.

This ramp features adjustable legs on the front of the unit to change its effective dock height from 36" to 56" to service almost any trailer. Supporting the ramp via structural legs, rather than only by the lip of a ramp on the bed of the trailer, reduces the chance of the ramp coming completely disengaged and dropping should the trailer move forward accidentally. In addition, since the Impactable Dock Ramp is fixed in position, rather than relying only on chains to secure the ramp to a trailer, it can be used with a mechanical vehicle restraint.

According to Grant Leum, president of Leum Engineering, the Impactable Dock Ramp helps companies avoid significant costs of excavating a single below-grade loading dock.

“Our customers tell us they have saved about half of what it would have taken to install a loading dock, not to mention the enhanced safety features and added value of convenience,” said Leum. “We designed the product to replace the current mobile dock ramps with one simple assumption that it is easier to move a trailer to the dock than move the dock to the trailer.”

Another key feature is the integral Edge of Dock Leveler which gives the ramp a yieldable bridge, eliminating product and trailer damage caused by a fixed lip-style bridge. The dock ramp can be relocated when a customer leaves a leased facility. More comfortable for employees than a concrete loading dock, it can also be covered with a 40-foot-long shelter, creating a protective vestibule to keep rain and snow off employees, equipment, and product.

The dock height can be fixed, as well as mechanically or hydraulically adjusted. The 30-ft inclined ramp with 6-ft level-off creates a smooth transition into the rear of trailers. Since it has a fixed bumper position, it can be used with a Dok-Lok to secure the trailer to the ramp.

For more information, visit or phone 952-401-0127.

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