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Millard deploys warehouse lighting upgrade

Millard deploys warehouse lighting upgrade

Refrigerated warehousing and distribution services company Millard, in partnership with Groom Energy, has completed an LED warehouse lighting retrofit at Millard’s Allentown PA facility. Covering more than 629,000 square feet and using almost 800 LED highbay fixtures, the project is one of the largest LED deployments in the United States.

This implementation will reduce 3.5 million kilowatt-hours in lighting and cooling system operation and eliminating more than 1,700 tons of CO2 into the environment.

“Millard is proud of the upgrade at our Allentown facility. It is another example of Millard’s commitment to lowering our environmental impact while drastically reducing our electrical consumption using this cutting-edge technology,” said Barry Fischetto, chief operating officer of Millard. “We found Groom Energy to be a great partner for the system design and implementation.”

Groom engineers configured the system to enable Millard operators to provide lighting only when operators are present, reducing wasted energy for lighting large unoccupied areas. The system also provides Millard’s operators energy consumption reporting, tracking the ongoing system energy savings. Groom ensured that Millard’s investment was supported with a financial incentive from PPL Electric utility, and was implemented over a five-month period, resulting in limited disruption to business.

Fritz Troller, executive vice-president at Groom, said, “The system’s economic and environmental benefits are dramatic, and we look forward to working the Millard team on future energy efficiency projects at this and other facilities.”

Founded in 1963 in Omaha NE, Millard operates 36 regional facilities and is the second-largest US refrigerated warehouse and distribution company. Besides cold-storage warehousing, Millard’s services include transportation, logistics support, and import/export assistance. The company also operates Millard Maritime, a private port facility near Mobile AL that includes 240,000 square feet of refrigerated and frozen warehouse space. To learn more, visit

Groom’s food manufacturing, distribution, and cold storage clients include ConAgra, HCBrill, Kelloggs, Maines, Ocean Spray, and Stonyfield Farms. For more information, visit

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