Millard simplifies its brand identity

Millard simplifies its brand identity

Millard Refrigerated Services, provider of cold storage warehousing, logistics, and delivery for the foodservice industry, plans to simplify its brand identity. The company will now be known as Millard.

Though the identity is more simple and straightforward, the enterprise it represents is increasingly diverse and broad-reaching, and more capable than ever.

“It’s been clear to us for some time that Millard is far more than just refrigerated services,” said Lance Larsen, president of Millard. “From warehousing and storage to logistics and delivery, not to mention all the technology and experience that helps add value to the product we have on site—Millard’s identity can no longer be limited to one category.”

Besides cold-storage warehousing, Millard provides a variety of services, including transportation, logistics support, and import/export assistance. The company also offers the use of advanced technology to assist in preserving product on-site, including its high-pressure processing (HPP) technology, which improves food safety and increases shelf life.

This announcement coincides with the company’s recent general managers’ meeting in Omaha NE and the launch of a new website:

In conjunction with the new brand identity, Millard is emphasizing its commitment to the Respect for All initiative. This broad operational philosophy impacts employees, clients, families, and the communities in which Millard operates.

Founded in 1962 in Omaha, Millard serves all of North America through more than 30 regional facilities, and is the second-largest refrigerated warehouse and distribution company in the United States.

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