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Nordic Cold Storage opens Savannah facility

Nordic Cold Storage opens Savannah facility

Nordic Cold Storage has announced the grand opening of the first phase of its state-of-the-art storage and blast facility, located just minutes from the Port of Savannah GA.

The site has more than 200,000 square feet of convertible temperature-controlled storage space and is capable of blasting more than 10 million pounds of product—ranging from fresh poultry to produce—per week. This $30 million facility currently employs 150 workers, but Nordic plans to start a second phase by the end of 2013, which will mirror the existing infrastructure. The cold storage warehouse began receiving its first shipments in April 2013.

“Nordic’s announcement extends the Georgia Ports Authority’s power to support Georgia’s vital agricultural industry—in particular, our poultry producers,” said Curtis Foltz, GPA executive director. “The Port of Savannah handles nearly 40% of the nation’s containerized poultry exports, supplied largely by Georgia’s farms. Quality providers like Nordic will give shippers more cost-effective options for moving refrigerated commodities to and from international markets.”

As the second-busiest export facility in the United States, the Port of Savannah contributes to promoting American businesses globally. In 2012 alone, the GPA saw a 3.9% increase in refrigerated cargo exports, totaling nearly 108,000 TEUs, or 20-foot equivalent container units.

Ross Maple, Nordic’s director of business strategy, said the project was made possible through the support and pro-business attitude of Nordic’s partners at the State Department of Economic Development, the Savannah Economic Development Authority, the Georgia Ports Authority, Georgia Power, Georgia Quick Start, and the City of Pooler GA.

GPA’s Garden City Terminal currently has 64 refrigerated cargo racks online. The authority is adding another 20 racks in spring 2013, allowing for the accommodation of 2,016 containers. In the past seven years, refrigerated cargo exports through the Port of Savannah have risen 130%.

More than 80 cold storage facilities around the state rely on the Port of Savannah, with a combined storage capacity greater than 16 million square feet.

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