Profile examines cold chain sector in India

The cold chain sector in India is driven by increasing demand for perishable products from urban areas as well as the overall need to reduce waste of agricultural produce and other perishable products.
An industry profile on the cold chain sector in India has been prepared through secondary research supported by detailed analysis and focuses on market details, growth trends, major players, recent developments, and key drivers. The documents have been compiled in a PDF format with tables, charts, graphics, and text.
Despite holding significant positions in global production of dairy products, fruits and vegetables, food grains, and fish, India’s contribution to the global food market is just around 1%. The required cold storage capacity in India is more than 60 million tonnes. Recognized as a sunrise sector in India, the cold storage sector has been accorded infrastructure status in the Union Budget for 2011-12.
The cold chain sector in India mainly caters to agriculture and its allied sectors as well as pharmaceutical products, mainly vaccines. This cold chain sector broadly comprises surface storage and refrigerated transportation. Surface cold storage is further classified into bulk cold storage, multipurpose cold storage, small cold storages with pre-cooling facilities, frozen food stores, controlled-atmosphere storage, and ripening chambers. Refrigerated transportation in India, accounting for a small share, is still in its nascent stage.
More than 65% of the country’s cold storage capacity is concentrated in Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. Capacity across several other states is limited and needs to be ramped up through adequate investments in cold chain technology. Factors like high capital investment and energy costs, uncertain power conditions, rising land prices, lack of indigenous technology, lack of skilled manpower, and problems in refrigerated transport are main concerns in this sector.
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