RedLine Solutions, Compu-Tech partnership yields mobile WMS

RedLine Solutions, Compu-Tech partnership yields mobile WMS

RedLine Solutions Inc and Compu-Tech Inc have announced the first product introduction resulting from their business relationship. Called RedLine Cooler CT, the product leverages RedLine’s expertise in mobile WMS (warehouse management systems) and provides immediate inventory updates to Compu-Tech’s Agribusiness System’s Pallet Ticket Module.
Moreover, the two companies jointly announced implementation of the new system at Kershaw Fruit in Yakima WA.  Another company using Compu-Tech has ordered the system for implementation in early 2014, with several others to follow.
Todd Baggett, president of Redline, said, “Compu-Tech’s collaboration as our partner matches its peerless reputation as a service provider. They’ve been great to work with, and their attention to detail shows in the quality of product we’ve produced.”
According to Baggett, the initial delivery of RedLine Cooler with Compu-Tech was completed just 2.5 months after project inception.
This version of Redline Cooler takes WMS to the next level of optimization. Software performance with Compu-Tech’s system is speedy, and the time savings that users are seeing on the warehouse management and shipping side reflects the precision programming both teams invested in the project.
“Compu-Tech is very happy with the results of the systems integration project with RedLine Cooler so far,” said Jennifer Wiggs, chief executive officer of Compu-Tech. “Our primary focus as a software provider has always been customer service, and RedLine shares these same core values.  By partnering with RedLine Solutions, we have had the unique opportunity to quickly expand the functionality of our Pallet Ticket System to provide a much-needed wireless, mobile interface to streamline inventory management, staging, and shipping processes. We have received a lot of positive feedback so far, and we are excited to be rolling out some additional features for the module in the coming months.”
Eric Skiles, IT manager at Kershaw Fruit, has been pleased with the RedLine system, which was installed in September and included both RedLine Cooler CT and Motorola 9190 mobile bar-code scanners.
“We now have confidence our forklift drivers are getting the right pallets at the right time, improving our product rotation far beyond where we had been,” he said. “What’s more, our operation is far more efficient with RedLine Cooler CT–once RedLine Cooler CT was online, we saw a 30% labor savings.”
RedLine Cooler CT’s mobile capabilities mirror the Compu-Tech processes. Real-time pallet location management is provided by RedLine’s Pallet Movement, Quick, and Directed Shipping functions. RedLine’s Directed Staging integrates with Compu-Tech’s Staging Module to help forklift drivers select the correct pallets for shipping.
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