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Vocollect offers light-duty voice system

Vocollect offers light-duty voice system

Vocollect Inc’s new light-duty wearable voice system provides voice-only, voice-directed workflow capabilities for use in distribution centers (DCs) and warehouse operations seeking to improve productivity and accuracy in selection, cycle-counting, and other workflows.

The Vocollect light-duty voice system is based on the new Talkman T1 and SL-4 headset, used in conjunction with the Vocollect TaskBuilder software platform. By leveraging this software platform, users gain critical process improvements that deliver double-digit gains in productivity and performance across multiple distribution workflows. The TaskBuilder platform is integrated with many warehouse management systems.

The T1 is a voice-only, purpose-built system that conforms to less-stringent environmental specifications and drop-test specifications (similar to a common handheld bar-code scanner and terminal). Unlike its more rugged Vocollect Talkman T2x, T5, and T5m predecessors that support multi-function workflows and a range of peripherals like barcode scanners and printers, the T1 is more than 80% smaller than leading handhelds. The T1 is roughly twice the size of a BlackBerry, making it easy to use and wear. Ergonomics are further optimized through the lightweight, behind-the-head companion headset, the SL-4.

Now distribution center/warehouse operations with light-duty, voice-only requirements can access Vocollect’s speech recognition quality and attain increased productivity, accuracy, and worker satisfaction through voice. Combining the T1 mobile appliance with the SL-4 headset is ideal for customer-facing employees performing distribution tasks through voice.

Commercially available in September 2010, the Vocollect light-duty voice system supports 36 languages. It is initially being introduced in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia, with expanded availability planned for Asia-Pacific and Latin America regions in 2011.

For more information, visit or call 412-349-2515.

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