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Vocollect offers Vehicle Mount Talkman

Vocollect offers Vehicle Mount Talkman

Vocollect Inc offers the Vehicle Mount Talkman system, designed to help companies accelerate productivity and accuracy, improve ergonomics, and reduce operational costs with vehicle-based workflows in the distribution center/warehouse.

The system directs the work of eyes-busy/hands-busy vehicle-mounted workers via voice, eliminating the need for paper, screens, and keyboards. With traditional scanner- and paper-based vehicle mount terminal (VMT) systems, workers must take time to look at and touch a keyboard, or read a display or paper in unfavorable lighting, which is both inefficient and distracting. Further, handheld devices used in a vehicle-based workflow can be lost or damaged, as workers transition from driving the vehicle to performing a task. As a voice-centric system, Vehicle Mount Talkman eliminates the need for workers to continually look away from their vehicles’ paths to pause a workflow in order to receive assignments, send data, or manage a handheld. Typical vehicle-based workflows that may benefit from this voice-centric system include put-away, replenishment, loading, and selection.

Vehicle Mount Talkman is based on Vocollect Voice software, a Talkman T5 voice appliance, vehicle mounting hardware, power adapters, and an SRX wireless headset. With the Talkman mounted to and powered from the vehicle, users can move freely within a 20- to 30-foot radius of the vehicle to perform their tasks, communicating with the Talkman via the wireless SRX headset.

For companies with existing Vocollect Voice systems for picking, the Vehicle Mount Talkman extends voice to vehicle-based workflows for put-away, replenishment, loading, and receiving. It is ideal for companies looking to increase flexibility and utilization of vehicles per shift, potentially reducing the number of vehicles required to support a site’s material-handling needs. It also lowers asset management costs and loss/damage risks associated with portable tools and handheld devices. Once installed, any Talkman T5 unit can move between a vehicle-mounted configuration and a Vehicle Mount Talkman or wearable, body-worn T5 device configuration with no tools or specialized training required.

Commercially available in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia/New Zealand, the Vehicle Mount Talkman supports 35 languages.

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