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Vocollect provides SRX2 wireless headset

Vocollect provides SRX2 wireless headset

Vocollect, a business unit of Intermec Inc (NYSE:IN), has unveiled the SRX2, a new wireless headset for distribution centers (DCs) and warehouses that enhances the operational efficiency of workers with superior voice recognition performance. Its modular design enables shared use of headset electronics across multiple shifts.

With the introduction of Vocollect’s SoundSense technology that continuously listens to and blocks environmental sounds in the DC and warehouse, the SRX2 provides a 50% reduction in ambient noise compared with other distribution environment headsets. With better recognition, workers achieve higher accuracy, fewer errors, and improved productivity.

The rugged yet compact SRX2 is designed to withstand and work equally well in coolers, high noise, and fast-moving piece-picking environments. It provides optimal recognition and response in freezer environments with temperatures as low as –22° F (–30° C). With the unit’s sleek ergonomics and versatile headband design, workers in DC and warehouse environments can continue to operate with maximum efficiency and comfort—even during long shifts.

The SRX2 delivers a high-definition audio experience by combining Vocollect’s Advanced Speech Recognition Protocol that ensures zero loss of speech data while communicating with Vocollect Voice computers.

Asset management has also been made easier, with the ability to track and manage Vocollect headsets and batteries in the DC and warehouse. Batteries are designed to last two shifts in dry environments and one full shift in freezer environments; increased intelligent battery management also predicts battery shift life months in advance.

For more information, visit or call 412-349-2515.

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