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White paper on iWAREHOUSE available

White paper on iWAREHOUSE available

Data gathered directly from lift trucks is proving to be a valuable item in the warehouse manager’s toolbox. Users of iWAREHOUSE by The Raymond Corporation have realized substantial cost savings and operational improvements through the system’s data-gathering capabilities and suite of lift truck monitoring modules.

“Initially, as warehouse management systems (WMS) began to tie warehousing operations together, lift trucks stood apart as a missing link,” said Joe LaFergola, marketing manager of business and information solutions at The Raymond Corporation. “With the advent of the on-board vehicle manager, vehicle management systems were created to capture powerful data that could ultimately improve operator and warehouse performance. With iWAREHOUSE, this powerful data has enabled fleet managers to quantify these improvements in performance.”

The iWAREHOUSE white paper, entitled The Tales Lift Trucks Tell, examines the various modules of iWAREHOUSE and how they have helped optimize the user’s operations with tangible results. These various modules helped users:

•Streamline checklist processes

•Reduce vehicle impacts

•Right-size fleets

•Reduce costs with maintenance data

•Optimize battery life

To download the white paper and learn more about iWAREHOUSE, visit

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