Accuride announces joint ventures

Manufacturer of commercial vehicle components Accuride Corporation has entered into two joint ventures. One is with Benecor to focus on building a dispensing infrastructure for diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). The other is with the Chrome Shop Mafia to develop a line of co-branded truck accessories.

Benecor designs and develops dispensers for DEF, also know as urea. Urea is required by engines that use selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology to comply with the US EPA's stringent 2010 diesel engine emissions standards.

Consequently, an infrastructure needs to be in place to have easy access to the diesel exhaust fluid.

Recognizing the scope of meeting this challenge, Accuride and Benecor have joined to expedite the manufacturing and installation of urea storage and dispensing units at truck stops, diesel fueling stations, and fleets throughout North America.

Accuride has teamed with the Chrome Shop Mafia, which offers a full line of truck chrome and accessories and does truck modifications to develop a line of co-branded truck customization products.

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