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In-cab scanning brings several benefits

DriverTech has announced the commercial availability of its DTScan in-cab scanning system. With DTScan, fleets can realize an immediate return on investment by not paying a transaction charge per page for scanning in the cab, and by improving productivity and enhancing business processes.

DTScan is a production level scan and capture technology for truck cabs using Visioneer scanners with One Touch VRS (Kofax Virtual ReScan) technology providing “Forms Recognition Friendly” documents that meet professional imaging standards. With the real-time transmission of time critical documents immediately after a load is delivered, fleets can realize several benefits, including:

  • Faster cash cycles — Scanning Proof of Delivery (POD) documents with DTScan in the cab, transmitting images, and invoicing customers as the vehicle is departing, lead to quicker revenue return and an increased cash reserve.

  • Improved bottom line — By invoicing at delivery with DTScan, users realize a reduction in Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).

  • Fewer stops — In-cab scanning with DTScan eliminates the need for drivers to spend hours-of-service time using more costly truckstop services to scan POD and settlement documents.

  • Quicker driver settlement — Paying drivers faster by eliminating paperwork delivery delays with DTScan can lead to improved satisfaction and driver retention.

Visit for further details.

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