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Cadec provides ProTecht remote engine shutdown

Cadec Global has launched a software-based remote engine shutdown technology for truck and motor coach fleets. Part of a new line of optional safety modules for its PowerVue platform called ProTecht, Cadec’s new Remote Engine Shutdown module has already been deployed in a major US motor coach fleet comprised of hundreds of vehicles.

PowerVue is a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)-based, hosted fleet management system. By automatically collecting data on driver behavior and vehicle location/speed, PowerVue helps fleets optimize performance and improve supply chain visibility, while built-in safety features also help fleets maximize safety.

ProTecht is a line of optional safety-related add-on modules for PowerVue. Its applications are designed primarily for motor coach fleets and fuel/hazmat haulers and offer advanced features for protecting precious or hazardous cargo.

Cadec provides a non-invasive, software-based approach to remote engine shutdown. Hardware approaches tend to force an abrupt stop. By contrast, Cadec’s software slows and then stops a vehicle remotely in a safe, controlled manner. The shutdown is supervised and monitored by authorized security personnel. The Remote Engine Shutdown module includes On-Board Driver Authentication to prevent unauthorized parties from starting or operating a vehicle.

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