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Carvel Ice Cream orders more Hand Truck Sentry units

Carvel Ice Cream Celebrations Foods of New Britain CT has ordered additional Hand Truck Sentry (HTS) System units for its route sales representatives (RSRs) to equip their new Penske Freightliner M2 fleet trucks arriving in Phoenix AZ in April 2010.

Celebration Foods’ National Asset Manager Jim Gust continues to research new truck equipment innovations and supply chain or logistics technology to make Carvel Ice Cream delivery routes safer and more productive.

Carl Boettcher, HTS Systems national accounts manager, said, “It was Jim’s idea several years ago to take our HTS beverage products into the frozen foods industry. We now have our HTS units traveling down the highway on all types of ice cream and refrigerated trucks from Brooklyn NY to Los Angeles.”

HTS Systems Lock N Roll is a safety ergonomic retaining apparatus for securing hand trucks aboard commercial delivery vehicles. It incorporates a cab dash release system for quick access of the hand truck. Loose hand trucks that bounce or get thrown within a cargo area often puncture or break open food containers. The HTS eliminates cargo-to-container contamination caused by hand trucks.

The HTS is commonly used by the beverage, freight, and refrigerated frozen foods industry because it reduces open door time, saves fuel and delivery time, and increases cargo space. The HTS-10T works well with refrigerated or freezer body delivery trucks, reduces dangerous lowering and lifting, and eliminates unnecessary climbing.

After the delivery or pick-up, the driver fully inserts the hand truck into the HTS receiving chute and moves the hand truck forward contacting the HTS Push-Bar. The driver then rocks the hand truck forward firmly to a complete locked position for safe travel. This loading action can be done quickly and safely using one hand.

If the hand truck is not loaded aboard the vehicle or the HTS Ultra-Rack is not properly locked, the LED indicator light and alarm will sound when the truck is started.

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