Clean Power complies with CARB rules

Kenworth Truck Co's Clean Power no-idle system is fully compliant with California Air Resources Board (CARB) idling regulations going into effect Jan 1, 2008, for sleeper trucks with 2007 and later model engines.

CARB's new regulatory measures expand the five-minute idling limit for heavy-duty vehicles to include sleeper berth trucks, eliminating by year-end their exemption to idle the engine during periods of sleeper and rest. The CARB heavy-duty vehicle idling emission reduction program also sets requirements for anti-idling technologies, including auxiliary power units (APUs) and fuel-operated heaters. Both idling and emission regulations apply to heavy-duty trucks operating in California, whether or not they are registered there.

Kenworth Clean Power uses dedicated, advanced deep-cycle batteries that power a thermal storage cooler with 21,000 Btus of cooling capacity. The system has the capability of providing engine-off cooling and heating, plus 120-volt power for hotel loads.

Clean Power also comes with an enhanced sleeper insulation package and high-output, low-current LED lighting.

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