Coupling aid

Dolly Guide is a specialized tool designed to facilitate faster and safer hookups of multiple trailers.

With the device, a driver can lock the converter dolly in place, enabling him to better control its movement to more easily align the dolly for backing straight under another trailer's kingpin.

“One of the most frustrating and time-consuming operations performed by a truck driver who hooks up multiple trailers is the time and effort it takes to hook up, and the risk of injuries to lower and/or upper extremities,” says Connie Cogshell, vice president-sales for Laster & Laster Enterprises, manufacturer of Dolly Guide. “With Dolly Guide, a driver can cut in half the time it takes to hook up.”

The Dolly Guide is attached to the top left side of the converter dolly. It swings out and engages to a pintle hook attached to the rear of a trailer. Once in place, there is no longer the need to spot the dolly, eliminating the need to handle the dolly.

An integral handle on the Dolly Guide gives a driver better control when maneuvering dolly into position.

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