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Fontaine PartSource has it Right Now

Fontaine PartSource, the aftermarket business of Fontaine Trailer Company, announces its “Right Now” program for heavy-haul accessories and options. Now Fontaine Trailer heavy-haul dealers have immediate access to all the firm's heavy-haul optional equipment through PartSource.

The “Right Now” stocking program aims to give customers the ability to handle a wider range of hauling applications without the typical industry lag time between order and delivery. Under this program, popular heavy-haul trailer accessories and options (such as flip axles, deck inserts, spreaders, and flip boxes) that previously took four to six weeks to receive are now in stock and ready for immediate delivery.

Dealers have the option of specifying the optional equipment direct from the factory on new orders, or adding the options to trailers already on their lots to “customize” a trailer for a particular customer's needs.

For more information, phone David Lee @ 205-385-0804 or e-mail him at [email protected]. Check out Fontaine PartSource at

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