Grote offers Hook-Up Lamp

Grote Industries has released a purpose-built Hook-Up Lamp. Before now, one or two incandescent hook-up lamps were often mounted on the rear of the cab to illuminate the work area between a tractor and trailer. Traditional hook-up lamps employ optics that often cause a bright spot at the center of the beam pattern, with usable light rapidly diminishing as the beam spreads.

The new SuperNova LED Hook-Up Lamp features an advanced optical design that focuses LED WhiteLight in areas that are not commonly well lit by traditional hook-up lamps. The new lamp’s optical prescription creates a controlled, 250-lumen beam pattern that focuses brighter, more usable LED WhiteLight across the entire work area. One SuperNova LED Hook-Up Lamp can easily replace two incandescent lamps, while offering the user a 50-watt power savings.

This lamp is designed to light the environments common to utility trucks, fifthwheels, forklifts, and off-road vehicles. Additionally, the 12-volt (0.6-amp) lamp is rated for 50,000 hours of service, emits less heat than incandescent lamps, and draws lower amperage than incandescent offerings.

The lamp comes in two versions. One offers the optimized hook-up beam pattern, and the other a wide flood pattern that also lights the periphery of the workspace.

For more information on the SuperNova Hook-Up Lamp with optimized hook-up pattern (part 60631), wide flood pattern (part 60641), or the entire line of LED lighting products, visit

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